Playing Lotto 900 is easy! Just select your lucky numbers


If you are playing a Pick 3, choose numbers from 000 through 999. If you are playing Pick 4, select numbers from 0000 through 9999.

Choose to play your numbers straight or boxed. “Straight” means that your selected ticket numbers must match the winning numbers in exact order. The payout for a Pick 3 straight ticket is 900 to 1. The payout for a Pick 4 straight ticket is 9,000 to 1. “Boxed” means your numbers can match the winning ticket in any order. This gives you more chances of winning, but your payout is less. A boxed payout is calculated by dividing the straight payout by the number of chances you have with your boxed numbers.


If you play Pick 3 numbers 1-2-3, you have 6 different chances of winning and your payout would be as follows: 900/6 = 150 to 1
If you play Pick 3 numbers 1-1-1, you still only have 1 chance of winning and your payout would be as follows: 900/1 = 900 to 1

*See the “Boxed Payouts” section below to view all boxed payouts

To make your selections, use the pull downs or use the text box located to the right of the pull downs. By using the text box, you can play multiple numbers and confirm all of them at once. Use a comma to separate each number combination. Once numbers are entered in the text box, any numbers chosen in the pull downs are disregarded.

Don’t have a number in mind? Click on “Quick Picks” to get a random number selected for you.

Place Wager

Select the amount you wish to wager per drawing per day. Select the day you wish to start your tickets (based on Off Time, some tickets may start on the next drawing day). Select how many days you want to play your numbers. The cost of your tickets is calculated this way:


Amount of wager x number of drawings x number of days
A $1.00 number in 3 drawings for 2 days would be $1.00 x 3 x 2 = $6.00
If you select a drawing that is not played on Sundays, the ticket will be for the next day
Playing a Pick 3 number using the AZ drawing, starting on a Saturday and running for three days, would get you tickets on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday


Select the drawings in which the winning numbers will be used. You may check off as many drawings as you would like to play.

Off times are shown in Eastern Standard Time and are 15 minutes prior to the drawing. If you select a drawing for today whose Off Time has passed, you will be purchasing a ticket for the next drawing. This will be reflected in the “Confirmation” window and the “Review Tickets” window.

Only the initial drawing is valid for grading purposes. Follow up promotions, additional draws, or subsequent added numbers after the initial drawings will not count towards Lotto900/9000 grading.


Click on “Purchase Ticket” when you finish your selections. This will bring up the confirmation page that shows the details of your tickets.

Click on “Confirm Purchase” to actually place your wager. You can check on your tickets and results in the “Review Tickets” window.

ALL LOTTO TICKETS ARE FINAL AFTER CONFIRMATION and cannot be voided for any reason.

Maximum net profit per drawing is $100,000